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Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, Brandz Media Marketing is announcing its expansion of local SEO marketing for law firms to major city centers across the U.S. 

For a limited time, as an incentive to new clients, the company is offering free local marketing audits to law firms who are looking to dramatically improve their online presence in local markets via organic search marketing, specifically Google Maps.

The SEO audit service provides a detailed review of a law firm’s website strengths and weaknesses, local competitor landscape, and opportunities to increase visibility. 

The full audit will also include a backlink analysis to highlight potential problems with existing backlink profiles that impact the website’s authority and trust with search engines.

About Brandz Media

Brandz Media was founded over a decade ago by Bryan Young and has provided effective SEO services to high profile law firms across the Phoenix Valley. 


Services include advertising campaign management, website design, content creation and marketing, citation management, social media management, SEO audits, and link-building services.


“Gone are the days when yellow pages, billboards, and referral networks were enough to remain competitive in the legal services market” says Young, “the Internet enables potential clients to search for legal services with lightning speed and specificity.  If your practice does not appear at the top of search results, whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices, 80% of those clients will pass you by.”

Google Local Search Results

Google is the dominant service for Internet search with over a 92% market share extending across all devices.  

.Over the past few years, search results served up by Google have become increasingly crowded at the top.  Almost the entire space of the first page of search results above the fold is consumed by paid traffic campaigns.  The situation is particularly acute for mobile devices, requiring users to swipe far down the page to find organic results.

Google Maps for Local Services

The next real estate below paid advertisements is Google Maps, so far this has remained the exclusive domain of local merchants and service providers.  For the time being Google Map results are organic, in other words free.  This is a tremendous value for the lucky few businesses savvy enough to land in the top 3-5 positions of Google Maps.

Below Google Maps, a somewhat random collection of “People Ask Questions”, product carousels, image and video carousels, and true organic search results will be found.

Free Search Traffic for the Savvy Few

Despite the dominance of paid results at the top of Google’s search pages, market research consistently shows users routinely by-pass paid search results in favor of Google map and true local organic search results, suggesting users “trust” those resources over paid services.  

Indeed, as much as 60% of users, searching for local services, choose the Google Maps results to locate a business.  In second place is local organic results capturing as much as 20-30% of the search traffic.  Paid search is left behind capturing less than 20% of all search traffic, despite its above the folding positioning.

Law Firms and Local SEO

The fact that the vast majority of search traffic by-passes paid search results is good news for law firms.  With the cost per click (CPC) of typical legal paid advertising channels reaching as high as $200, the cost of each new client acquisition can be $3,000-$6,000.

Google Maps and organic search results are technically “free” but of course the effort and cost to land at the top of those properties is, not surprisingly, in direct proportion to the competition, and of course, legal services have plenty of competition.  

Despite the competition, complexity, and costs, making the investment to raise your firm’s visibility in local search results pays off in the long run with consistent client acquisition and at lower costs.

SEO marketing companies and consultants, such as Brandz Media, specialize in fine tuning websites and brand authority to maneuver a legal practice to the top of Google maps and search results for precise search terms.  Indeed, getting to the top of search results is an endeavor best left to the experts.  In competitive markets like legal services, consider it essential.

For more information on SEO marketing services for law firms visit Brandz Media’s website at


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